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In a book club?

Would your club like to read The Trouble with Murder?

I will happily donate one copy of the book to your club! Email me at to arrange this.

Additionally, below you'll find some sample questions you can use to help your club talk about the book. If there is another question your club discussed, feel free to share it in the comments below. 

*Note: Spoiler alert. These questions may give away part of the book if you haven't yet read it!

Book Club Questions for The Trouble with Murder:

1. What did you think of Zoe Grey? Did you like her? Did she have to grow on you? What do/don't you like about her?

2. What trait do you like best about Zoe? What do you like the least? Do you wish you could be more like her in some way? In what way is that?

3. What did you think of Detective Ellmann? Did you like him? What did you like about him? 

4. What do you think of the interactions and relationship between Zoe and Ellmann? Do you think their relationship with last?

5. What did you think of Joe Pezzani? Did you suspect him from the beginning, or were you surprised by his involvement? 

6. What did you think of Tyler Jay? Did you believe he was involved, or believe in his innocence from the beginning?

7. Is Tyler Jay a bad guy with a big heart? Or is he a good guy who has done bad things? How do you feel about characters like Tyler Jay, who don't wholly fit into a good-guy or a bad-guy mold? 

8. Of all the characters we meet in this book (Zoe, Ellmann, Pezzani, Tyler Jay, Bridget, Zach, Stacy, Tina), are any of them different by the end of the story? Who changes? Who stays the same? Why? How?

9. This book is written in the first person, and from Zoe Grey's point of view. How does this affect the telling of the story? How might the story have been different if told from the third person? 

10. Because the story is written in the first person, we get a great deal of insight into Zoe Grey. Which other characters would you like to know more about? Whose mind would you like to get inside?

11. Do you think this story expresses any themes or symbolism? Which themes or symbolisms did you find present in the story? Why might the author have included those? What do you think the message is?

12. What did you think of the story itself? Was it fun? Entertaining? Exciting? 

13. What did you think of the writing? Was the story well-written? Was the dialog well done? What could have been better?

14. Which parts of the story could you relate to? Did Zoe have any experiences similar to your own? 

15. What was your favorite part of the story? What was your favorite line or passage? 

16. What did you think of the ending? Were you satisfied? Would you have liked to have seen something else happen? Did you want to know more about something, or someone? 

17. If you could ask Zoe Grey one question, what would it be?

18. If you could ask Detective Ellmann one question, what would it be?

19. If you could give Zoe Grey one piece of advice, what would it be?

20. If you could give Detective Ellmann one piece of advice, what would it be?

21. If you could ask the author one question, what would it be?

22. What do you hope to see in book two? 

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