Saturday, April 14, 2018

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 4

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story

Viktor is my second favorite character. He emerged late, beginning to blossom in my mind well after I'd begun writing. As a result, in the earlier scenes he was little more than a placeholder. Later, he differentiated himself from the others, with his own distinct personality and objectives. His character has required much editing of the story, and requires more still.

I haven't yet worked out what will become of Viktor. Obviously, my original ideas were voided when Viktor finally stepped out from the background and began to assert himself, demanding a more significant place in the story. And it was justified; my earliest efforts made poor use of him indeed.

Sometimes characters materialize in my mind and become fully fleshed and three dimensional almost instantly, revealing themselves to me through and through in one go. Others take their time, taking shape slowly, revealing themselves to me layer by layer. Viktor very much fell into the latter category. Frankly, I suspect there are many more layers yet to go, and that only once he has fully made himself known to me will I be able to understand his place in the story and get about the business of editing the manuscript to reflect it.