Saturday, March 31, 2018

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 3

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 3

A lot of things happen in this scene, or are set up in this scene, that will be important in the bigger picture. Not the least of which is the tension between the various supernatural races. This is prevalent in most supernatural and paranormal stories, and it's something I've always hated. Essentially, it's racism, and I suppose we just accept it as normal because vampires and all the rest don't really exist anyway.

Part of this story, though, is Neasa's development. Not just her coming into her own power, but developing her as a person, which is be more and more important as the series progresses. She will need to decide who she is, what kind of person she is going to be, and then take a stand on some very significant issues. I started to get into some of that here.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 2

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 

If you missed the first post regarding this vampire story, it would be worth going back to read it.

In this segment, we begin to get a better look at Ranulf, and the deepening, widening problems facing Neasa.

I love Ranulf. In this story, he's probably my favorite character. It's always interesting to me which characters are my favorite, and which are the favorites of readers. Almost without exception, the readers favor someone else. That's true with this one. So far, for early readers, Ranulf does not rank as the top favorite, though he does make the list for most.

I had quite a bit of fun with him, and I'm very much looking forward to growing him and exploring his depth and reach in the next book. I also love the relationship that begins to develop between him and Neasa, which I'm also looking forward to growing in the next book.

Hope you enjoy this scene.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story 1

Excerpt: Untitled Vampire Story

Some of you may know this, others may not. In recent years, I've been more open about it, though I don't speak of it often.

Vampire stories are my guilty pleasure.

I can't remember when it began. Probably with Anne Rice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a preteen. Either way, the damage is done now. I love vampire stories. Love them.

I love all the different versions of vampires, all the different rules authors make their vampires play by. Everything from "classic" Stoker-era Dracula vamps to Twilight's glittering ones to one version that explained vampirism was the result of nano bites in the blood which ensured the health, vitality, and youth of their host and which fed on blood. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has yet another take on vampires. I enjoy almost all of them. (I fully admit some versions are better than others. I mean, really, glitter?)

For years and years I've been secretly toiling away, turning out dozens and dozens of vampire stories, some of them good, some of them just for fun. Some of the most interesting characters I've ever written can be found in these stories. But I've rarely told anyone that I've written them, much less had anyone read them.