Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Zoe Grey Novella Available Now

Now Available

Zoe Grey's new neighbor is running, and hiding, from her past. Zoe desperately wants to help, but the terrified young woman isn't talking. 

Can Zoe put the pieces together and help the woman before her past catches up with her?

What people are saying about it:

"I love Zoe!"
"So good to read Zoe Grey again"
"Great story"
"Loved it!"

What people are saying about the Zoe Grey series:

"Zoe gets better and better"
"I am in love with this author and series!!!"
"A face paced wonderful read"
"Just could not put it down!"
"Zoe Grey has become one of my favorite characters"

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Trouble with Greed: Behind the Cover

The Trouble with Greed Book Cover Photoshoot

There is always a challenge to shooting a cover photo—at least one challenge. Sometimes it’s finding a model; sometimes it’s finding a prop. As was the case with this photo, it was finding the right venue.

As I’ve made clear, I know next to nothing about photography. And art—let me just throw that in right now. But I do understand some things can’t be faked. And the whole idea behind my book cover photos is genuineness. It's why we have used real people from the beginning.

When initially doing research for book cover ideas in preparation for making my first book cover, I discovered pretty quickly I did not want a composite image, one constructed from multiple graphic images, tweaked and manipulated through Photoshop. Now, there is a way to do this and make stunning images, and thus stunning book covers. Professional graphic designers do this all the time—for book covers, for movie posters, for album covers. I had to eliminate this as an option because I am not a graphic artist, or an artist of any kind, I did not have access to any of the necessary equipment, and I did not know anyone who could help me. Whatever images I tried to produce this way would look amateurish, and that is the kiss of death for an indie author.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella - Chapter 3

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella

In case you missed it, read Chapter 1 or Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

I relayed what I’d learned to Ellmann, though not much of it was new. Then he passed me a pad of graph paper.
“Will you sketch the floor plan and give it to Waller?”
I took the pad and began dialing another number from my notebook.
“Hey, what are you still doing here? This is a police operation.”
I looked up to see Officer Daniels marching up to me again.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella - Chapter 2

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella

In case you missed it, read Chapter 1 here.

Chapter 2
Ellmann arrived and parked his Charger at the mouth of the cul-de-sac, now crowded with vehicles. He made quick work of stripping off his jeans and pulling on a pair of BDUs from his bag in the truck. He stuffed his feet into boots, strapped on his equipment and weapons, and hurried over to the Bearcat.
He squeezed my hand on his way into the Bearcat, but was otherwise all business. I knew he’d noticed my new injuries, but he didn’t even blink. He’d stopped doing that months ago. 
“Give me a rundown,” he said.
Frye, Waller, Tolliver, and Rollins took turns filling in the parts of the picture they had so far. It wasn’t pretty. 
“We know anything about this Devil guy yet?” Ellmann asked.