Saturday, November 25, 2017

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella - Chapter 1

Untitled Zoe Grey Novella

This is the first chapter from the Zoe Grey novella I've been working on. This novella currently has no title and no cover, so I'm only missing a few small details! Haha!

This story takes place after book three and probably before book five. As I mentioned, I have gotten edits back from the editor, but I've not been through all of them yet. So here's my disclaimer: The version posted below is unedited. There may be mistakes, and once the novel is published, you may notice changes. That's just an FYI.

One night on my way home from work, a police cruise roared past me, followed by four more--lights and sirens, the whole bit. I wondered if I'd ever know where they'd been headed or what the call was. I made a mental note to call my grandmother the following day and ask if she saw anything in the paper, since I no longer take the paper.

When I arrived home, I was diverted from turning onto my street because five police cars, lights still flashing, were parked in the street in front of my neighbor's house. I circled around and got to my house from the other end of the street, and as I parked in my driveway, I had a very clear view of my neighbor's house.

Update: November 2017

Hello, readers!

I wanted to let you all know what I’ve been up to the last two and a half years. Unfortunately, writing is not my primary source of income, which means it cannot be where I spend much of my time.

But I’ve been working on something else I’m very proud of, and very excited about. During the day, I’m a massage therapist, and I’ve been working to build a holistic healthcare clinic. Running a business of any kind takes a great deal of time, as well as many other resources and energies. It has not been entirely my sole focus these last two years, but very close.

I’ve come a long way and accomplished much since I began, but I’ve a long way yet to go. This last year in particular has seen many victories and many setbacks. Anyone in business for themselves will understand this. As Robert F. Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly,” and I’ve seen that to be very true.

I knew when I began this journey it would be a long, hard road. Only I wasn’t able to conceptualize just how long or how hard. As I’ve learned, it’s impossible to know what you don’t know.

While I have huge goals for the business again this coming year, I’ve also set myself some writing and publishing goals for 2018. I’ve realized that things in my life are slightly out of balance, and that the business will take longer than I’d like to come fully into fruition. It is not realistic or desirable for me to put my writing life on hold while I continue to pursue my business goals.

New work coming!