Monday, January 25, 2016

The Trouble with Greed out now!

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When Sadie Salois asks Zoe Grey to investigate a strange coworker, Zoe hesitates. She’s a bounty hunter, not a private investigator. But Zoe takes the job, certain it will be simple matter to put Sadie’s worries to rest.
Almost immediately Zoe discovers the woman she’s investigating has no past, and that she’s somehow connected to a missing high school teacher. As Zoe continues her investigation, she finds things are not what they seem. The case is much bigger than a woman using an assumed identity, and it is quickly spiraling out of control.

As Zoe puts her skills to use finding a woman she’s not sure is still alive, she realizes Sadie’s coworker isn’t strange; she’s dangerous. And far more than one life is at stake. 

What people are saying about it:

"The best Zoe Grey book to date"
"The best story yet"
"A face paced wonderful read"
"Just could not put it down!"
"Zoe Grey has become one of my favorite characters"

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