Monday, January 25, 2016

New Boxed Set

Zoe Grey Boxed Set 1-3

The first three full-length novels in the Zoe Grey series, plus a bonus mid-series novella not available for individual purchase. 

This four-book bundle offers a savings of 50% off individual retail. 


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The Trouble with Greed out now!

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When Sadie Salois asks Zoe Grey to investigate a strange coworker, Zoe hesitates. She’s a bounty hunter, not a private investigator. But Zoe takes the job, certain it will be simple matter to put Sadie’s worries to rest.
Almost immediately Zoe discovers the woman she’s investigating has no past, and that she’s somehow connected to a missing high school teacher. As Zoe continues her investigation, she finds things are not what they seem. The case is much bigger than a woman using an assumed identity, and it is quickly spiraling out of control.

As Zoe puts her skills to use finding a woman she’s not sure is still alive, she realizes Sadie’s coworker isn’t strange; she’s dangerous. And far more than one life is at stake. 

What people are saying about it:

"The best Zoe Grey book to date"
"The best story yet"
"A face paced wonderful read"
"Just could not put it down!"
"Zoe Grey has become one of my favorite characters"

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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Trouble with Greed - Chapters 6-9


I returned to the parking lot and climbed into my Scout. The Scout is a thing of beauty. It’s hunter green with an Army tan interior. The original hardtop is white, though I had replaced it with a sailcloth soft top for summer. That was one of the only modifications; almost every other detail was original. And everything was in pristine condition.
With the sides rolled up, I listened to the radio as I cruised through town, the wind tugging at my hair and the sun threatening my skin. My gut told me my days at Sideline were over. At least, for the time being. And as Sideline had been my primary gig the last couple months, that left me without an income.
Whatever I might pick up from Front Range Bail Bonds or Skip’s would be infrequent and nominal. I needed to make the rounds again and get set up with some other agencies in town. It should be easier now that I had some working references and some experience to go with my state certificate, but it would still take time and legwork.
I needed to return home to put some things together first. While I was there, I would start looking into Karen Brickle. Sadie had given me some basic information she’d been able to obtain through coworkers and from Facebook. I had no idea what I might find, but Sadie was paying me, and since I had no other paying jobs at the moment, I thought it best to turn my attention to the case, if indeed it developed into a case at all.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Trouble With Greed - Chapters 4-5


I drove to the gym and put in my time on the treadmill. I hate running, and I’m not good at running, but this fugitive apprehension thing requires a lot of running. More than one of my fugitives had escaped because they could outrun me. So it sort of became an adapt-or-die kind of situation. I’d started a running program.
Sam, my physical therapist and the Ironman triathlon winner, had recommended a program called “Couch to 5K.” I’d been doing it for the last two and a half weeks and could already tell it was working. As an added bonus, my jeans fit better.
After a shower, I headed to Sideline Investigations and Bail Bonds. The thing about the fugitive apprehension business is I don’t make any money unless I bring in FTAs. There is no paid time off, no sick days, no vacation time, no retirement package. I’d been on vacation for a week. My bank account wasn’t empty, but I wanted to get back to work all the same.
Sideline Investigations originally began as a private investigating agency run by former cop Wesley Meeker and former investment banker Mickey Sands. Both men were officially retired for about ten minutes before they were bored to tears. Meeker started snooping into things for friends here and there, just to keep busy. Sands jumped at the opportunity to do something and proposed a joint venture with Meeker, establishing an official PI office.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Trouble with Greed - Chapters 1-3


“How was the vacation?”
              Amy Wells and I left Texas Roadhouse and walked over to the Cinemark movie theatre. It was August, and evening temperatures weren’t dropping off yet. It was still close to seventy degrees.
              Amy and I have known each other since we both wore diapers. At this point, she’s more like a sister than a friend.
              “Fun,” I said. “It was a lot of fun.”
              She eyed me as we walked, her caramel brown eyes seeing right through me, as they usually did. “I sense a but coming. Did something happen at the wedding?”
              My boyfriend, Alex Ellmann, and I had been in Malibu for his father’s wedding. We’d stayed several days after the wedding, and spent the time playing on the beach. Our relationship had started under stressful circumstances, and we’d had more than our fair share of stress since. It had been really nice to spend the time together doing nothing more serious than guarding against sunburns.
              “No, the wedding went fine. Vince actually looked happy.”
              She tucked a strand of light brown hair behind her ear. She’d chopped it to shoulder length for summer, but I’d always liked it longer. I didn’t tell her this, though, because she wouldn’t have cared.
              “Then what gives?”
              I sighed. “It’s Ellmann. He . . .”
              She nodded. “He’s perfect, I know. How troubling.”
              I glared at her. “Ha ha. This is serious, Amy.”