Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Two--Chapter 2

Ironman Sam gave new meaning to the word “workout.” For this, I loved and hated him in equal measures, though not always simultaneously. As I walked to the parking lot, it was a lot more of the latter.
I returned to my truck, a 1978 International Scout II, and tossed the sling onto the seat. I’d found the Scout four years before by happenstance. I’d been selling my Mercedes, a reminder of a life I no longer had nor wanted, and Stan had been looking to buy something new for his wife. There was something about Stan I liked, and he must have known then that he was dying. I knocked a big chunk off the price of the Mercedes, and he threw in the Scout.
Talking around an ever-present cigarette between his lips, Stan had told me he’d purchased the thing new in ’77 and, being a mechanic, he had done all the work himself. With one glance, it was obvious it had been impeccably—and lovingly—maintained. The Scout is a thing of beauty. It’s hunter green with a white removable hard top. The interior is an Army-tan color. Everything works as well as it had the day it rolled off the manufacturing floor.
And almost everything is original. Shortly after Stan died, the lock on the tailgate busted—the truck’s way of mourning, no doubt. I never replaced it because I knew Stan would never approve of anything less than an original Scout part, and my half-assed attempts to locate one had turned up zilch. But the open tailgate had been how the kidnappers had succeeded in grabbing me, so I’d gotten serious about repairing it. My new mechanic, Manny, had fixed it for an exceptionally reasonable price.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Cover Reveal for The Trouble with Theft

Here is the book cover for The Trouble with Theft. It is absolutely stunning--I love it!

Of course, we never get the photo we want on the first try. Just like the first photo shoot, there was quite a bit of trial and error to get that perfect shot.

But the book cover is by far one of the most fun components of prepping a book for publication. The editing, the formatting, all the promoting and marketing—all of that is tedious and boring and so very time consuming. But the book cover . . . that’s fun. 

Sabrina was able to squeeze in a photo shoot when she came home for Christmas. This made all the difference in the world, because it just wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Two

The Trouble with Theft, the second Zoe Grey novel, is coming soon. I am working on final touches before publication, and will soon have a release date. 

Until then, I will post chapters here for you to begin reading. I will post at least one chapter every week until the book is published and available for download/purchase. 

Be sure to watch for updates and announcements. 

Read chapter one now.

Read chapter two now.

Read chapter three now.

Book Two--Chapter 1


The trailer park off Harmony Road is almost completely obscured by the shopping center that had been constructed a few years before. Now, only those who already know it’s there ever spot it. I found I was spending quite a bit of time here recently.

It was five a.m. on Thursday morning, and this was my second trip to this particular trailer park this week—the third to trailer parks total. I made my way through the roundabouts then took the first right, cruising around the periphery of the park until I came to the lot I was looking for. It was a double-wide, and plain white, though someone had tried to spruce it up with pink shutters (horrendous even in the dark) and a window planter. It was late June, but the planter was empty.

Albert Dennison was out on bail and had failed to appear for his court date earlier this week. Not only did the court not appreciate that, but the bond company, which I work for, didn’t either. Now here I was, cuffs in my pocket and capture paperwork in my bag, assigned to haul his dumb ass back to jail.