Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Trouble with Murder: Chapter Two

Chapter Two

     I rolled out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times. I hadn’t slept well. I’d had vivid dreams that were ugly and destructive.
     My life got off to a rocky and violent start. From violent, it phased to uncertain, but always it was hard. I’ve been seeing a therapist regularly to help deal with what that means. Normally, I’m rather well-adjusted, all things considered. I still have patterns of learned behavior I have to work to overcome, but usually I’m successful and can function without major incident in polite society.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Trouble with Murder: Chapter One

Chapter One

     I was late. I’d agreed to meet Stacy Karnes at six. It was ten minutes past, and I was another ten away. Traffic was light; maybe I could cut that time in half. I hoped she would still be there when I arrived. Some people wouldn’t be.

     I hit end as the call dropped to voicemail. I’d already left a message. Stacy wasn’t answering her phone.

     Stacy had called me that morning and asked to see the apartment. She had pressed me for a same-day appointment. Something in her voice had caused me to agree, even though it required me to work late. Already crammed full, my schedule hadn’t afforded me the time I’d needed when a new client had walked into my office that evening. Now I was late.